Employee Intranet Portal

An internal employee portal site for an automotive Tier 1 supplier

Employee Intranet Portal

The Challenge

TKS Industrial, a world leader in automotive paint finishing systems, had an internal site for employees to download common forms and documents used for project management and operations. As a part of the Digital Transformation initiative at TKS, they wanted to migrate the existing intranet portal to cloud and integrate it via Signle Sign-on into new systems.

Our Work

We modernized the internal site and integrated it with existing applications as well as the new purchasing and supplier applications we had developed for them. We also added Single Sign-On capabilities for a secure and seamless user experience.


Key features of the work and resulting app:

  • Single Sign-On with other applications
  • Migration of Internal Site to AWS
  • Migration of Internal FTP folder to AWS


Industries: Automotive, Manufacturing

Technology Stack
  • ASP.Net Core Web API
  • MS SQL
Project Length

< 1 Month

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