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About Us

SharpQuest, Inc. is a custom software development firm serving technology companies and enterprise clients across a wide range of industries. We create software to tackle business problems that are mission-critical, and our team sees every project through to a successful outcome for our clients.

SharpQuest is different from other development firms because of our hybrid model. It combines the optimal project management approach and architecture expertise of an onshore team with the efficiency of offshore fulfillment for coding and testing. Our responsible approach to outsourcing provides rapid delivery and maximum value for our clients—helping them make the most out of every development dollar.


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Our History

SharpQuest was founded as AI Software LLC in 2009 in Troy, Michigan. As our company has matured, we have grown our presence in US and a dedicated development center in Ahmedabad, India. Our clients stay with us year after year because we focus on providing value up front as well as reliable ongoing support.

What Drives Our Quest for Excellence?


We envision a world where businesses can confidently leverage global resources to complete their most urgent software projects.


We are on a mission to transform the experience of outsourcing and offshoring for businesses by taking a strategic approach focused on delivering efficiency, quality, and value for our clients.

Our Core Values

Always be proactive

Deliver more than
is expected

Do what you say and
say what you do

Communicate, collaborate
and cooperate

Add value

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