Hybrid Outsourcing is the right way to outsource software development

We Change How Businesses Experience Outsourcing

SharpQuest brings together top-notch talent in the U.S. and abroad.

Outsourcing Software Development the Right Way

SharpQuest was founded to demonstrate that offshoring and outsourcing software development can be done well. We’ve seen it done wrong, and we know a lot of businesses have too. Maybe you’ve run into issues with:

  • Unresponsive development teams.
  • Projects that run out of budget long before completion of deliverables.
  • Poorly documented code that’s difficult to maintain.
  • Vendors who won’t hand over the source code—or who claim ownership of proprietary code.
  • Software that just doesn’t get the job done for your business.

At SharpQuest, we do things differently.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Software Development Responsibly

With SharpQuest, our clients have a trusted, long-term development partner for design, development, and support.

Capture offshore efficiencies
Mitigate project risks
Free up internal teams
Own your code
Stay within budget
Get full value delivered

Offshore Outsourcing with Confidence

A strategic approach to offshoring captures efficiencies for cost and time for our clients without sacrificing quality or great communication. Rely on our team or have us hire qualified talent on your behalf. Our clients use SharpQuest resources for staff augmentation, 24/7 coverage for application maintenance and IT support, cutting costs for infrastructure and software tools, and to accelerate onboarding.

Hybrid Outsourcing Lowers Risk

SharpQuest takes a responsible, low-risk approach to outsourcing software development with a hybrid model that keeps high-level, complex services such as architecture and framework development onshore while offshoring code and test activities to our competent staff in India. In addition to rapid turnaround, you enjoy full access to communicate with our developers throughout each project.


Read our case studies to see how we have used hybrid outsourcing successfully to deliver custom solutions for high-growth B2B enterprise clients. 

We Ensure Client Happiness

Mark Winston

Mark Winston

Owner, DNA - Drug & Alcohol Testing Center

A mutual friend recommended Sharpquest through his personal business experiences. Collectively, we could not be any more satisfied with the professionalism, expeditious service and phenomenal feedback we received. Always reaching out to insure we were 100% satisfied. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!!

Cynthia G

Cynthia G

IT Manager, TKS Industrial Company

When I first began working with SharpQuest, I was really out of my lane. The team has always assisted with providing clear guidance on the projects we have worked together on. We have really updated the use of the sql database, and it continues to evolve. They are very much in tune with what we ask, and can usually create this to work exactly the way we ask. It's a pretty high quality tracking space.

Deepak Kakar

Deepak Kakar

Sr. Manager - IT, SanDisk (Western Digital Company)

The SharpQuest team build an easy-to-use application that is well integrated with our existing ERP/data warehouse. It was well received by the business users due to its user-friendly UI, accuracy of data, and responsiveness.

Amy Hillock

Amy Hillock

Director of Operations, IPC The Hospitalist Company

I give them an A+. Anything we request from them they get back to us right away. They’re always willing to do the work as fast as we want it done.  They’re phenomenal to work with.

Mark Willis

Mark Willis

CTO, Hygieia Inc.

SharpQuest has a high-touch service. They're collaborative and do everything possible to support our project, both on the brainstorming side of things and the implementation.

Irv Shiffman

Irv Shiffman

Manager, Information Systems, TKS Industial

They’re very smart in the tools they use and they’re very responsive in addressing our requests in a timely manner.

One of the challenges of working with us is that things change often, and they’re very good at reacting to those changes and implementing them in a way that's effective for our business.

We don't just want to change the perception to offshore, we want to change your experience of outsourcing software development. Trust starts with the first conversation. Let's talk!

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