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There are endless possibilities with new Generative AI capabilities built by OpenAI. Businesses can leverage these capabilities to implement solutions that are unique to their requirements using Microsoft AI Cloud Platform. 

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) using Azure OpenAI

Intelligent Document Processing refers to using AI & Machine Learning to read digital documents and extract data out of it like humans do. Using IDP solutions, businesses can automate the process of scanning document and populating the data into their systems. Here are some use cases of IDP:

  • Analyze Certificate of Insurance and extract information such as amount of coverage and expiry date to ensure that correct insurance is received.
  • Extract Candidate information from Resume and feed it into ATS (Application Tracking System).
  • Capture expense details from receipts and feed it into HR & Accounting System.
  • Review legal documents like NDA(Non-disclosure agreements) and summarize it.

Visit our Showcase page to see how we can integrate Azure OpenAI capabilities in your business workflow applications.

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Benefits of IDP


  • Speed up the data entry process. The human effort to extract data is reduced and this saves lot of manual time that can be used for other creative work.
  • Quality of data is improved. There are less typos and human error in the data entry process using IDP.
  • While human verification is encouraged, the IDP automation can process documents even at night time and human verification can be done during the office time.

Image Recognition and Search using Azure OpenAI

Azure AI Vision is built with capabilities for image recognition, OCR, object detection and image analysis.


Using Azure AI Vision API, businesses can give their apps ability to analyze images, read text, and facial recognition.


Please check out our Showcase page to see how we use Azure AI APIs to read the text from the expense receipt pictures. This uses the OCR capability.


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Speech to Text and Text to Speech using Azure OpenAI

Azure OpenAI can be used to convert Speech to Text. This text can be further used to feed data into other applications. Azure OpenAI supports multiple languages. A popular use case for this feature is to modernize customer support applications.


Azure OpenAI can be used to convert Text to Speech. There are various male and female voice available for this conversion. This feature can be used by businesses to enhance their customer support applications.


Contact Us to discuss your requirements to integrate AI Speech capabilities in your products.

Generate Content using Azure OpenAI

Below is manually written content:

Difference between Traditional AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Generative AI like OpenAI is that it can generate new content, new images and new videos. These features are most useful to Marketing teams, PR firms, news reporters and sales people who continuously have to create new content.


Some example use cases are:

  • Create product description to display in advertising using image and some human input
  • Write Email to prospective client inviting to certain webinar or product demos
  • Release PR about a company event

We asked GPT to generate above content in its own language. And below is the output.

The key distinction between Traditional AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Generative AI, exemplified by OpenAI, lies in the latter's remarkable ability to generate fresh and diverse content, encompassing text, images, and videos. This transformative capability proves especially advantageous for dynamic sectors such as marketing, public relations, journalism, and sales, where the continuous creation of novel content is paramount.


Various practical applications underscore the versatility of Generative AI, including:


  1. Compelling Product Descriptions:
  • Generate captivating product descriptions suitable for advertising by seamlessly blending imagery with human input, crafting narratives that resonate with target audiences.
  1. Persuasive Client Invitations:
  • Craft engaging email invitations to prospective clients for webinars or product demos, leveraging the AI's creative prowess to tailor messages that entice and inform.
  1. Dynamic Company Event PR:
  • Streamline the process of releasing press releases about company events, utilizing the generative capabilities to construct impactful narratives that effectively communicate the significance of the occasion.

In essence, Generative AI from platforms like OpenAI serves as an invaluable asset for teams engaged in content creation, providing a powerful tool to enhance creativity and efficiency across various professional domains.


Contact Us if you want to integrate these capabilities in your products or applications to generate content using artificial intelligence.

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