Clinician PWA for Homecare 

A web application for the clinician

Clinician PWA for Homecare

The Challenge

Graham Healthcare Group, a Midwest leader in providing home and hospice care, was looking for ways to improve patient care and help make their clinicians more efficient. They were already working on a patient mobile app, called My Care Central, and wanted a clinician app to tie in with it that would improve efficiency and ultimately patient care.

Our Work

We developed a progressive web application (PWA) that could be accessed by clinicians on tablets or PCs. The app, called the Clinician Hub, allows for seamless and secure communication with patients. Video visit capabilities were also added to enable care to continue during the pandemic. The app improves patient communications and the visit scheduling process. It also improves care with more complete information available for determining care plans.     


Key features of the work and resulting app: 

  • Simple way for clinicians to send onboarding links to patients and caregivers to use the mobile app
  • Clinicians can send secure messages to patients and caregivers  
  • Ensures urgent messages can be handled by office staff if a clinician is not available 
  • Clinicians can conduct a virtual video visit with patients 
  • Clinicians can recommend educational videos and reading material to patients, so patients are better prepared for their visits 
  • Clinicians can track the supplies ordered by the patients 
  • Clinicians can see positive feedback from patients 
  • HIPAA compliant with secure messaging and video visits 
  • EMR integrations to ensure all data is tracked 


Industries:  Healthcare, Technology

Technology Stack
  • Angular
  • Xamarin Forms
  • MS Azure
  • .Net Web Service
  • ASP.Net Core Web API
  • SalesForce

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