Patient Tracking Portal

An online application to track patients

Patient Tracking Portal

The Challenge

IPC Healthcare (now Team Health) is a healthcare company providing services to elderly patients. They wanted to rewrite their legacy patient tracker system and integrate it with their newly purchased billing system. Their legacy system was developed in 2003-04 and had continuous performance and maintenance issues.  

Our Work

We developed a new web application track their patients, contacts and doctor’s schedule and visit notes. We developed with application performance in mind and that yielded 99.99% uptime in production.


Key features of the work and resulting app: 

  • Designed and developed new Patient Tracker Web Application  
  • Migrated data from old system into new in-house database 
  • Supported multiple regions throughout US  
  • Integrated with their third-party billing system 
  • Provided ongoing enhancements and support  


Industries: Healthcare, Technology 

Technology Stack
  • C#
  • ASP.Net Core Web API
  • MS SQL

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