Home Care and Hospice Patient Caregiver App

Cross platform Mobile App developed for Graham Healthcare Group 

that supports virtual video visits and enhanced patient communication 

MyCareCentral App

The Challenge

Graham Healthcare Group, a Midwest leader in providing home and hospice care, was looking for ways to improve patient care and felt that a mobile app would help their patients to have better access to their care plans and allow family members to be involved in the care being provided. 

Our Work

SharpQuest developed a mobile app, called My Care Central, for both Android and iOS. The app gives patients and their families access to their care plans including visits, medications, educational materials and supplies. It also allows them to communicate with their caregivers using secure messaging. Video visit capabilities were added to allow for care during the pandemic and were built for HIPAA compliance. The app also allows for simple patient feedback collection, which allows the company to continue to improve their processes and the care provided.     

Key Features:

  • Users can see upcoming clinician visits 
  • Users can chat securely with the care team by sending messages and pictures  
  • Users can have video visits with clinicians  
  • Users can provide feedback (rating 1-5) for the visit  
  • Users can view care notes made by clinicians  
  • Users can review medications with dose and frequency information  
  • Users can order new supplies and track shipments  
  • Users can watch educational videos about the treatment or read recommended material 
  • App is HIPAA compliant with secure messaging and video visits 
  • App has EMR integrations to ensure all data is tracked 
  • System sends automated visit reminder text messages to patients  
  • System sends text message to patients after a visit is complete asking for feedback for their experience and accepts the response as text message 
  • Backend system has an Administrator dashboard to review all feedback at branch level and corporate level so that corrective actions can be taken for low ratings 


Industries: Healthcare, Technology


Please visit https://mycarecentral.com/ for more details. 

Technology Stack
  • Xamarin Forms
  • C#
  • ASP.Net Core Web API
  • MS Azure
  • Angular
Project Cost


Project Length

2 Years


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