MadDog Technology Finds a Trusted Development Partner to Bring Technology Ideas to Market

Company Background

MadDog Technology is a Venture Operator and investor focused on creating and operating cloud-powered software businesses. MadDog partners with the founders or venture firms of very promising business ideas to drive new ventures forward and improve fundability by augmenting founding teams. They also partner with large enterprises to create new cloud-powered software ventures that revolutionize current industry business practices. MadDog leverages their proven, established processes, platforms and assets to rapidly create businesses in one-third the time and with one-third the risk compared to the traditional venture-funded operating model.


MadDog Technology has a reputation to uphold in rapidly and successfully bringing innovations to market. They needed a development partner they could trust to supplement the building services they offered to clients. The agility and expertise on the development team was critical to meeting current and future needs of their clients. Additionally, they needed a partner that would be able to deliver on its commitments every time.


Delivered excellent quality

Met all deadlines and cost estimates

Found a trusted technology partner for future project

We’ve put SharpQuest in some tough situations, and they’ve exceeded our expectations.

John Kinnamon,VP of Solutions, MadDog Technology

What SharpQuest Did

Modernizing mobile apps to work with the latest iOS and Android

Migrating programs from AWS simpleDb to AWS dynamoDB

Strategic planning and feasibility studies for cloud migration projects

Designing the user experience for consumer applications

Developing of a portal for absentee voters during 2020 general election

SharpQuest's resourcefulness and flexibility have been key to meeting project deadlines.


SharpQuest provided the technical resources and experience to bring these projects to fruition. Kinnamon explained the approach for the portal project, “They started by understanding the requirements and business outcomes. They then provided the full gamut of services necessary to build a platform, including creating the infrastructure, operating the platform, and testing it.”

SharpQuest supplied a team of business analysts, technical architects, developers and testers to work on MadDog’s projects. The talent was hand-selected by SharpQuest CEO, Piyush Bhatt. Kinnamon commented, “Piyush is very hands-on. He makes sure we get the right resources and fills any skill gap we might experience.”

MadDog made SharpQuest responsible for keeping to the schedule they outlined. SharpQuest managed their team’s progress daily and made progress and necessary adjustments transparent for the MadDog team. “Their resourcefulness and flexibility have been key to meeting project deadlines,” stated Kinnamon.

How MadDog Rates SharpQuest

Keeping on Schedule

Quality of Service and Deliverables


MadDog Technology measures each project based on whether they deliver to the budget, quality, and timeline that was set. They used this same lens to measure the performance of SharpQuest and have not been disappointed. Kinnamon commented, “So long as they understood what we were doing and delivered the required outcome against the estimated budget and deadlines, the project was a success.”

Kinnamon stated that he has worked with many external development providers, but SharpQuest is truly unique. “What stands out about SharpQuest is the technical breadth and depth they bring as a small organization. Combined with their adaptability and reasonable prices, they can fill our gaps on an as-needed basis. “

With the unknown that comes with creating custom software, MadDog relies on SharpQuest to mitigate the risk. “We’ve put them in some tough situations and they’ve exceeded our expectations,” Kinnamon mused. “They’ve been so accommodating to the ups and downs of our projects.”

MadDog Technology has found a trusted technology partner in SharpQuest. As Kinnamon simply stated, “We depend on SharpQuest to drive the outcome for these kinds of projects.”

When asked to rate SharpQuest, Kinnamon commented, “I’m not one to give perfect scores, but we are very pleased with SharpQuest. They are one of the best organizations I’ve ever worked with.”


How MadDog Rates SharpQuest

Keeping Cost Within Estimates and Delivering Value

Willingness to Refer SharpQuest

With SharpQuest’s adaptability and reasonable prices, they can fill our gaps on an as needed basis.

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