ClarusOnCall Mobile App Improves Customer Satisfaction and Company Growth

Company Background

Clarus provides automated communication tools to physician practices throughout the United States. Their mission is to bring physician practice call management to the 21st century by developing sophisticated and simple-to-use technology, eliminating the errors and inefficiencies of traditional call centers. Clarus offers solutions to manage call volume during the day and around the clock, regardless of practice size or specialty.


Clarus initially worked with a vendor for development and another for hosting. Unfortunately, they experienced significant infrastructure problems leading to outages that were negatively impacting the customer experience.

Clarus decided they needed to put more focus on improving infrastructure and building capacity for growth so they brought these capabilities in-house. Their internal development team was focused on server and web and their product started to become stagnate. They decided to engage with a development partner who could be their mobile app development team.

Ian Costello, Product Consultant for Clarus stated, “We needed a development partner with mobile expertise who could also be flexible and expand or contract according to our business.


5%-10% improvement in crash-free user sessions

30% improvement in app usage

Increased app adoption by doctors

The SharpQuest changes have resulted in much happier customers.

Ian CostelloProduct Consultant, Clarus

What SharpQuest Did

Enhanced iOS and Android app products with new features

Automated the app release process with Azure DevOps

Improved UI/UX to make the app more user friendly

Used Agile methodology to deliver regular updates

Modernized applications using best practices

We couldn’t be more pleased with the value they are bringing to the table.


Clarus engaged SharpQuest to become their mobile app team. SharpQuest started by gaining a deep understanding of the current application and its purpose. Costello commented, “SharpQuest understood not just what the application needed to do, but why we needed it to do it.”

SharpQuest started with a team of three developers—a senior team lead, an iOS developer and an Android developer. The team began tackling the most prevalent and painful user complaints. Using Agile methodology, they divided the user requirements and end-user reported issues into user stories that were delivered in 4-week sprints.

The improvements were focused on making the app faster and more user-friendly with intuitive navigation paths. Costello was pleased with the rapid release of these features. “We had a 6-month backlog of user complaints that hadn’t been addressed. With SharpQuest, we quickly felt better about how fast and easy it was to use the application.”

The SharpQuest team automated the app release process using Azure DevOps. They structured the git process using industry best practices for branch management. This allows the development team to release changes for testing and promote to production easily with the new CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery) practices.

SharpQuest resources worked collaboratively with Clarus team. Costello noted, “We wanted them to be a part of our team. We’ve been able to have them in our regular meetings, bounce ideas off them and get feedback. We couldn’t be more pleased with the value they are bringing to the table.”

How Clarus Rates SharpQuest

Keeping on Schedule

Quality of Service and Deliverables


After just 6 months of working with SharpQuest the app performance issues have been resolved and substantive features have been added such as push notifications and an audio play feature for messages. Qualitatively, Clarus is very happy with the improvements thus far. “The customer experience is cleaner, faster and more efficient,” summed up Costello. “As a result we are seeing less customer complaints.”

After updates made by SharpQuest, the Android and iOS apps have respectively seen a 5% and 10% improvement in crash-free user sessions. App usage also increased by 30% on a monthly basis. These data are indicative of happier users.

Because of the nature of the app, having a great user experience is incredibly important. Costello explained, “When a doctor receives an after-hours call about a new patient at 3:00am, the satisfaction of that experience is critical.”

Costello knows the changes are making a difference, “Overall the benefit of what these changes have meant for us is happier doctors. And, we know that happier customers are much more likely to refer Clarus to others in the community.”

Clarus knows that they will also be able to roll out improvements much faster. “After working with SharpQuest, we’ve been able to more rapidly and more agilely deliver value to our customers,” exclaimed Costello. Clarus plans to continue working with SharpQuest to continue its growth in facilitating after hours call requests for medical professionals. Costello stated, “We’re very pleased with the team and I think that the partnership will only deepen.”

How Clarus Rates SharpQuest

Keeping Cost Within Estimates and Delivering Value

Willingness to Refer SharpQuest

The customer experience is cleaner, faster and more efficient. As a result we are seeing less customer complaints.

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