Engaging to Fill the Wants, Needs, and Interests of Our Clients

 Select an engagement model that works for your organization.

We Offer Flexible Engagement Models

SharpQuest adapts to your needs by offering various ways to engage with our resources. All engagements are based on a clearly defined scope of work with project milestones and hourly billing for complete transparency.

Tackle a portion of a larger project

Build an end-to-end solution from the ground up.

Provide ongoing support for what we build or for other applications in your portfolio.

Give you access to our onshore or offshore personnel as needed for staff augmentation.

We do not sell resources, skills or hours, we sell outcome!

We Ensure Client Happiness

Eran Bashan

Eran Bashan

CEO, Hygieia.com

Hygieia is very pleased with the way the database portal turned out. One of the reasons I know the relationship is going well is that I don’t hear anything about it. I’m very glad we have the opportunity to be working with SharpQuest team.

Amy Hillock

Amy Hillock

Director of Operations, IPC The Hospitalist Company

I give them an A+. Anything we request from them they get back to us right away. They’re always willing to do the work as fast as we want it done.  They’re phenomenal to work with.

Irv Shiffman

Irv Shiffman

Manager, Information Systems, TKS Industial

They’re very smart in the tools they use and they’re very responsive in addressing our requests in a timely manner.

One of the challenges of working with us is that things change often, and they’re very good at reacting to those changes and implementing them in a way that's effective for our business.

John Kinnamon

John Kinnamon

 VP of Solutions, MadDog Technologies

We’ve put them in some tough situations, and they’ve exceeded our expectations. They’ve been so accommodating to the ups and downs of our projects.

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