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District Court rules against Trump Administration proposal to raise H1B wage levels

By HR Team  at Sep 27, 2021  0 Comments

US Court (Northern California District Court) ruling on Sept 15, 2021 (Wednesday) invalidates the earlier H-1B proposal to raise the minimum wage for H-1B. This is a good news specially for Masters/Graduate foreign students who need a work authorization sponsorship for Entry Level jobs. There are around 20000 students every year for whom their employers apply for H-1B Sponsorship.

Every Year in March-April the H-1 lottery process starts and selects up to 65000 candidates randomly from the application pool. The most applications are in L1 category that could range in the salary wages of 60000 - 70000 depending on work location.

Trump Administration proposal was to allocate lottery to higher wage applications (100K/year salary) first and then L2 or L1s. 

Companies would have to file more applications for senior level roles than entry level jobs. And this would mean the Graduate Students would find hard to find an employer offering 100K/year for entry level jobs. 

With this ruling against the proposal the March 2022 lottery system will remain as is and will allow graduate students to find jobs that could offer sponsorship in future.

SharpQuest a.k.a. AI Software LLC hires 2-5 graduate students every year for entry level jobs or for training and internship positions that could potentially offer H1 sponsorship in future.  

Here is a news article link that has many ads, so we do not recommend to open without proper security settings in your browser.


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